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Collingwood’s Challenge and Carlton’s Rise: AFL’s Unpredictable Season

In the midst of the 2023 AFL season, Collingwood and Carlton have captured the spotlight with their on-field performances and dynamics.

Despite proving to be the most dominant side of 2023, Collingwood’s recent form has been a matter of concern. After a surprising loss to Hawthorn and another defeat to a previously struggling team, there’s a shadow of doubt hovering over their prospects this season. Yet, Scobes remains undeterred. According to him, the ladder doesn’t lie. Despite two consecutive losses, Collingwood still holds a two-game advantage and boasts the best percentage in the league.

The injury to Nick Daicos, however, is a significant blow. He is expected to return in about five to six weeks, but his absence might be felt during the initial crucial final matches.

Teams like the Swans have shown promising form and seem to be on a winning streak, finding themselves nestled inside the eight. Meanwhile, Hawthorn’s form has also been note. Their tactic against Collingwood saw them achieving nearly 100 more disposals, with James Sicily proving vital, marking his significance with 37 touches and 19 marks in their recent game.

Sam Mitchell’s tactics as Hawthorn’s coach have earned appreciation. However, the inconsistency, given their lack of star power, remains a challenge.

Collingwood’s Challenge and Carlton’s Rise: AFL’s Unpredictable Season

Collingwood’s forthcoming three matches, consecutively set for Friday nights, are against formidable teams: Geelong, the Brisbane Lions, and Essendon. This lineup promises a thrilling series, especially the anticipated round 24 blockbuster against Essendon.

In the upcoming game against Geelong, while many anticipate a comeback from Collingwood, as Geelong’s fluctuating performances remain an X-factor. The anticipated return of Tom Hawkins might provide Geelong with the edge, but the game’s outcome is anyone’s guess.

Carlton’s Resurgence

Shifting the focus to another highly anticipated game, Carlton is set to face Melbourne in what is being hailed as the ‘match of the round’. Carlton’s list, especially the players who aren’t the usual stars, has seen significant improvements. The last month highlight their versatility and ability to perform without depending solely on their star players. It’s an old-school, tough style of footy – reflective of Michael Voss’s style as a player. Their defense-first strategy has reaped benefits, as demonstrated by the scores of their recent matches. Carlton’s balanced approach on both defense and offense has significantly bolstered their position in the league and experts and fans alike now singing their praises as Premiership hopefuls.


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